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Stay Up-to-Date
HyBlue's Windows Monitor service continuously assesses the security, performance, configuration and overall computer health of Windows computers. Once you've finished the five minute installation, there is never any configuration or management required. Information is gathered around-the-clock from the computer and communicated to HyBlue's servers, which send proactive alerts when there are conditions needing attention.

Automatic Data Collection
Windows Monitor can be installed on servers as well as workstations. Events and performance metrics are collected and sent to HyBlue for analysis every five minutes for servers, and every hour for workstations. In addition, inventory is taken once a day of the computer's hardware, software, and services and is available for review through a customer portal on HyBlue's website. All information collected is archived for one year.

Automatic Alerting
Information gathered from the computer is checked with HyBlue's extensive knowledge base, and any identified fault conditions are assigned as Critical, Important, or Minor. Critical and Important alerts are sent via email as they occur to the technician responsible for the computer, along with suggested resolutions and links to further online information. Optionally, Critical events can be sent via text message to a cell phone or pager. All alerts for the previous 24 hours are sent in a Daily Summary email, including event IDs, the source programs, and the number of times each alert occurred.

Extensive Knowledge Base
With over 11,000 unique events in our ever-growing knowledge base, HyBlue will automatically keep the technician up-to-date with the health of computers they manage. The following list illustrates the type of events HyBlue monitors:

  • Backup failure
  • USP Problems
  • Hard Disk errors
  • S.M.A.R.T. Disk alerts
  • Program crashes
  • Virus issues
  • Performance issues
  • Exchange issues
  • SQL problems
  • Login errors
  • Hacker attacks
  • Servers up/down
  • Low disk space
  • License expirations

Automated Performance Monitoring and Alerting
HyBlue automatically collects and displays performance statistics including:
  • Processor utilization
  • Page File utilization
  • Disk space
  • Processor temperature
  • Network utilization

Performance is displayed in familiar MRTG type graphs with a one year history kept. Alerts are automatically generated on specific performance counters for irregular performance.

Quick Installation
Like all of HyBlue's services, Windows Monitor installs in just minutes and requires no configuration. Information exchange with HyBlue's hosted servers via SSL begins immediately, offering valuable and time-saving alerts with which to keep computers running smoothly and securely.

Try Windows Monitor Today
Install Windows Monitor right now and, for pennies a day, find out how much there is to know about managed computers. Take care of potential problems, such as ailing hard drives or backup failures, before they damage or destroy valuable intellectual property.

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