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Stay Informed
HyBlue's Network Performance Monitor service monitors data flow of Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) devices and response of TCP/IP devices. Automatic alerts mark performance variances of flow, degraded network response, devices down, and specific ports not responding (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, etc.). Plus, a one year history is kept for you online. All of this is done automatically with zero effort on your part.

Easy To Set Up and Use
Install Network Performance Monitor on just one computer, and in minutes the service starts working for you - no interaction required! Simply select the IP addresses or device names in your network you wish to monitor, and Performance Monitor begins collecting data, scanning every five minutes.

Online Graphs For Easy Viewing
Using familiar MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) graphs, flow and response is graphed on HyBlue's website. These graphs allow quick viewing of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly performance metrics. To access them, simply log on through the HyBlue website customer portal.

Smart Monitoring and Alerts - Coming Soon!
Network Performance Monitor builds automatic baselines for ping response and network flow. Alerts are triggered when there are prolonged variations from these baselines. For example, an Important alert is sent if network traffic on a monitored router or switch port rises more than three times the normal amount, for more than thirty minutes. Similarly, if the baseline ping response has been 40 milliseconds, and it rises to 120 ms for over 30 minutes, an Important alert is generated. If the delay exceeds 1000 ms for 10 minutes or more, a Critical alert is sent. Critical and Important alerts are emailed as soon as they occur to the technician responsible for the monitored device. A daily email summary provides information on all alerts that have occurred in the previous 24 hours. By automatically building baselines and comparing data to these baselines, HyBlue Network Performance Manager gives you a heads up when problems are building instead of after a failure.

Get the Most From Your Network
Stay on top of network issues to achieve optimum efficiency. Network Performance Monitor takes just minutes to install, configures in minutes, and has a low monthly usage fee, with no up-front costs. Try it today!

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