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Add profits to your company by reselling HyBlue’s hosted services to customers with their own IT shops. With nothing to buy and nothing to manage, all you have to do is send the customer their customized software link and start billing for monthly or yearly revenue.

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Relief for the IT Department
Your customer’s IT department is often the most overloaded group of employees in a company. With all of the computers and all of the software to manage, they are in a constant game of “catch-up” with software and security updates. Maintenance is often reactive – freeing space on a full disk, recovering files when the backup has failed, following the tentacles of a virus that has already spread. With HyBlue’s services, IT workers can stay on top of all of these situations and more with no effort on your part, and very little on theirs.

Automated Monitoring and Deployment
Using Windows Monitor, technicians will know about operational problems before they become unmanageable. For example, automatic alerts are sent if a server has not “checked in” for ten minutes or longer. Similarly, notifications will be sent upon multiple failed logins, which could indicate a possible hacker attack. Virtually any scenario an IT worker may encounter is covered by Windows Monitor’s automatic alerting system. Add Patch to their shopping cart and they can keep the whole network up-to-date on the latest software patches, deploying them when and how they want, without the tedious step-by-step installation on every computer. Proactive alerts prompt the IT worker that updates are available for the computers he manages. Then, he simply logs into your website and deployes them. Sell them Secure, and let them see how easy it is to protect their office’s portable computers – wherever they travel. Security settings remain the same, whether the computer is in the office, in a home, or at an Internet café, making the IT worker’s job easier and giving the computer owner peace of mind that his work is not vulnerable to attacks. Finally, have them use Network Performance Monitor to automatically be alerted of network issues and to maintain a history of performance for every SNMP device on their network.

Start Your Revenue Stream
HyBlue’s unique suite of hosted services will bring satisfaction to your customers they won’t find anywhere else. Service management is delegated to the customer’s IT department, so selling the services brings profit with no impact to you. At the same time, a customer’s connection to you is reinforced every time their technician accesses the services, perhaps to deploy a patch or check the performance history of a computer. This is because the HyBlue portal he will log into is embedded in your website. Whether you sell Windows Monitor, Patch, Secure, Network Performance Monitor or a combination of the services, you can build customer loyalty and begin bringing in a revenue stream that will continue month after month, year after year

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