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Proactive Warranty Monitoring
HyBlue’s Windows Monitor service is an ideal addition to your company’s offerings, raising profits while allowing you to provide better service to your customers. Upsell your customers with proactive warranty monitoring; increase customer satisfaction when you resolve hardware issues before a catastrophic failure.

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Intercept Faults and Prevent Failures
Imagine offering your customers proactive service that proactively alerts you when a hard drive is about to fail or when a computer is running too hot. You’ll be amazed at how easy Windows Monitor makes it to intercept customer problems – problems that sometimes result in loss of data and almost certainly result in lost time. Building this service into an enhanced warranty creates a valuable commodity to the customer that is worth the extra charge and is money in your pocket.

In-House Plus Delegated Monitoring
Your baseline profit comes from the sale of the enhanced warranty that includes Windows Monitor. You get the alerts and proactively solve hardware issues that are covered under your warranty.

Charge a higher fee for the next level of monitoring, where a technician handles the daily operations of a group of computers under warranty. In this scenario, the handling of most routine issues – low disk space, backup failures, virus threats – would be delegated to the technician using Windows Monitor’s automatic alerting while you would continue to receive the warranty alerts.

Profit on Non-Warrantied Equipment Too
You can also offer Windows Monitor directly to the customer for other computers they own which are not covered under a warranty. Being able to monitor and measure the health and performance of their older equipment allows you to alert the customer to service needs and potentially offer replacement hardware – profiting your business and keeping them in your product loop.

Let the Customer Choose
With this selection of software and hardware monitoring, the customer will find just the right level of protection, while your company will make more money by simply adding HyBlue’s Windows Monitor service to installed software.

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