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  How it Works - Windows Monitoring

HyBlue Windows Monitor is a systems management service that offers powerful insight into a network of Windows computers yet takes only minutes to setup.

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Windows Monitor is designed to reduce the workload of IT professionals by gathering information from all the computers in the network, analyzing that information and then making intelligent decisions about what information is sent to the technician.

Most importantly, Windows Monitor is a service. There is no hardware to buy, configure, test and manage. The software does not require configuration, tweaking or updating of your system or our software.

Installing and configuring Windows Monitor is incredibly easy. From HyBlue's website, simply enter your contact information and download a customized installer. Then run the install program on each computer. In minutes, Windows Monitor is installed and sending you intelligent information on your systems. Windows Monitor can also be installed from login scripts.

Major Components
Windows Monitor is comprised of two major elements:

  • The Sensor software that runs on every computer in the network.
  • The Expert System which is operated by HyBlue and hosted in a secure collocation facility in Seattle, Washington.

The Sensor
The Sensor is a small piece of software that gathers information from each computer and forwards it to the Expert System. The sensor pushes data out from the computer through a secure SSL link to HyBlue's Expert System. Since it is pushing data via SSL, no modifications are required to your firewall.

Running as a service, the Sensor software requires no configuration or user interaction.

The Expert System
The Expert System is the key to HyBlue Operations. Its several elements work together behind the scenes. The functions of the Expert System include:

  • Receive data from the Sensor including
    • Real-time performance, operations, software and hardware data
    • Configuration data including patch levels, installed software and hardware
  • Analyze operational data for indications of potential problems
    • Generate intelligent alerts if required
    • Send alerts to technicians
      • Email for minor important and critical alerts
      • Optional text messages for critical alerts
      • Critical "Down" alerts if a server has not checked in for 10 minutes or longer
    • Learn and evolve knowledge base over time
  • Store historical data from each computer
    • Inventory
    • Performance
    • Operational events
  • Display data via web portal
    • Quick status of computers and groups
    • Computer configuration
      • Software
      • Hardware
      • Services
    • Changes in configuration over time
    • Performance graphs with up to 12 month history
    • Historical event data
  • Generate reports both proactively and on demand

All of these functions are designed to function within the workflow of a typical IT shop. HyBlue gives you quick access to vital information with our logically laid out web portal and timely alerts on emerging issues.

The Human Factor
Patch is unique among network management packages in that it balances significant automation with human oversight and control.

A prime example of where the human factor comes in is our intelligent alerts. These alerts, sent to technicians when a potential problem is found on a computer, contain information far beyond the original event. Almost all alerts that are sent to the technician include carefully researched information regarding potential sources of the issue as well as potential troubleshooting hints, knowledge base articles and sometimes the direct fix. This human factor adds tremendous value and saves IT professional time both in setup and operation of our service.

HyBlue's value is extended tremendously by this unique combination of human and automated functions.

You won't believe how much you'll know
HyBlue's Windows Monitor gives you in-depth information for just pennies a day. You'll know before your customers about problems ranging from Exchange issues to full hard disks; even failing hard drives alert you so you can take care of them before they cause a problem.

All HyBlue products combine the power to function in any size business with the flexibility to work in yours. Give HyBlue a try and see how easy it can be to keep your computers healthy and secure.

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