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HyBlue Secure is a systems and security management service that blends proactive systems monitoring, proactive patch reporting, automated patch deployment and multi layered client security into one managed service. This unique blend of protection keeps computers safe from threats including virus, Spyware, worms, bots, rogue apps and hackers.

Secure is designed to reduce the workload of IT professionals by automatically correcting most security issues without annoying pop ups, saving your users from the annoyance.

Secure also includes HyBlue's Patch so real-time patch compliance and patch deployment are all included at no extra charge.

Installing and configuring Secure is incredibly easy. From HyBlue's website, simply enter contact information and download a customized installer. Then run the install program on each computer. In less time than it takes to download a Microsoft patch, Secure is installed and sending you intelligent information on your systems. The Secure client can also be installed from login scripts.

Major Components
The Secure system is comprised of three major elements, the Patch Sensor software and Secure software, which run on every computer on the network, and the Expert System which is operated by HyBlue and hosted in a secure collocation facility in Seattle Washington.

The Sensor
The Sensor is a small piece of software that gathers information from each computer and forwards it to the Expert System. The sensor pushes data out from the computer through a secure SSL link to HyBlue's Expert System. Since it is pushing data via SSL, no modifications are required to your firewall.

The Sensor is also responsible for pulling down patches, in response to request from the Expert System, and installing them on the computer.

Running as a service, the Sensor software requires no configuration or user interaction.

The Secure Client Software
Licensed from F-Secure, HyBlue's Secure client has modules to protect against the most dangerous threats that exist today. These modules work cohesively to build a web of protection. The modules and their functions include:

  • Personal Firewall
    • Monitors incoming Internet traffic to keep out hackers
  • Intrusion Detection
    • Carefully examines data at the packet level to ensure that every packet coming and going is what it should be
  • Virus scanner
    • Real-time virus scanners
    • Quick response to new threats
    • Check for updates every hour
    • Manual and scheduled scans available
  • Spyware scanner
    • Real-time Spyware scanner stops Spyware before it gets in
These modules are all tightly controlled by HyBlue's Expert System. With preset protection levels that are automatically enforced on computers, the able to control the operation and security of computers no matter where they are in the world. See more details on configuration options here

The Expert System
The Expert System has many layers, some of which have been discussed in the description of HyBlue's Patch solution.

The Secure part of the Expert System enforces policies on each computer. These policies are specific to the individual module like anti virus, Spyware and so on above.

The Secure portion of the Expert System is organized in a hierarchical fashion. Computers can be addressed individually, as part of a group, as part of a company or if you are managing multiple companies, all companies.

Security policies in HyBlue can be constructed to deal with any level of this hierarchy quickly and easily. Working with our experts, you can tell us what you are looking for with security and we can quickly configure your profile to include these settings. All of your computers as they check in are automatically updated to this profile.

Secure starts with some basic settings that cannot be altered by the users. These settings are intended to provide good security matched with reasonable flexibility. A significant amount of customization is allowed to these settings. The settings generally include:

  • Virus and Spyware control is on, files are scanned in real-time and disinfected or removed if infected
  • The firewall is enabled and set to a basic level of protection
    • The user can, in our basic setting, select a higher or lower level of protection.
  • The system checks for updates every hour for virus and Spyware management as well as management profiles

The above represents a basic overview of the protection provided by Secure and enforced from the Expert System down to each client.

Changes are requested by contacting HyBlue's Support team and can often be made in real-time.

The Human Factor
HyBlue is unique among network management packages not just for the ease of use or extensive use of automation. HyBlue balances significant automation with human oversight and control.

With Secure, this human factor is the careful application of security policies by our Expert System based on your needs. For example, you know you want all your laptop users to have their notebooks set to a higher level of security when they are not in the office. Our support staff will ask you a few questions and then implement the policy via our Expert System.

Take Control of your Computers like Never Before
Secure replaces anti-virus software, spyware scanners and desktop firewalls with a cohesive managed solution. You can throw away all the bits and pieces you have been using to keep your computers safe and replace them with our comprehensive system. Keeping computers healthy and secure has never been easier.

All HyBlue products combine the power to function in any size business with the flexibility to work in yours. Give HyBlue a try and see how easy it can be to keep your computers healthy and secure.

Try it yourself to see how much time you can save. Download Secure

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