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Hyblue Protect Services improve overall IT reliability and automate complex and time-consuming tasks.

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On-Demand Services Deliver Fast Results at Low Cost.

  • No up-front investment
  • Low monthly subscription per machine

With no up-front costs and low monthly fees, HyBlue’s services save IT professionals time. This means less time researching, trouble-shooting, and resolving issues, and more time creating real value.

HyBlue’s monitoring probes are installed on each managed computer to capture extensive system data. HyBlue Protect collects and analyzes data from each protected machine, alerting customers to current and potential system issues.

Hyblue's service center provides an online dashboard of all managed systems, and proactively notifies technicians by email or mobile text message (SMS), or other means, so issues can be addressed quickly.

Hyblue Protect Services Include:

Hyblue Monitor: Catches hardware, software and configuration issues before they cause downtime or incur costs. HyBlue Monitor continuously monitors computers overall performance, security, configuration and health. HyBlue proactively alerts when conditions require your attention, enabling you to respond quickly before your business is impacted.

Hyblue Secure: Offers protection against viruses, spyware, worms, and hackers. HyBlue Secure goes to work immediately protecting, securing and reporting the security status of your computers. Our web portal allows you to manage the security Best of all. Secure's protection is effective no matter where your computers are – at home or on the road.

Hyblue Network Performance: Tracks the efficiency and responsiveness of network devices, so you don’t have to. HyBlue’s Network Performance service monitors data flow and response time of Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) devices. Automatic alerts mark performance variances of flow, degraded network response, devices down, and specific ports not responding.

Hyblue Remote Control: Lets you take control of your customer’s desktop for problem-solving or instruction, with no preinstalled software needed. HyBlue’s Remote Control lets IT technicians help end users without tedious over-the-phone instructions. HyBlue Remote Control's repeater servers let technicians demonstrate fixes or change configurations, without leaving their workstation.

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