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Win Customers For Life

With Hyblue's On-Demand infrastructure, Hyblue's partners make money from day 1.

On-demand means:

  • No up-front investment
  • Low monthly subscription per machine
  • Easy, web service-based integration with your existing systems

With Hyblue, customers keep coming back, again and again.

For More Information:
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Hyblue IceLock and other Hyblue Protect Services give you a continuous, long term revenue stream, while providing ongoing value to your customers. Hyblue's Software As A Service infrastructure gives our partners the flexibility to offer a variety of different services to their customers.

Some of HyBlue's partnership options include:

Get Started Now

Add profit to your operations by reselling HyBlue services to your IT customers. With nothing to buy and nothing to manage, all you have to do is send the customer their customized software link and start billing for monthly or yearly revenue.

Stay Connected, to profits and customers

Your customer connection is reinforced every time they access Hyblue Protect service portal, perhaps to deploy a patch or check the performance history of a computer. This is because the portal she logs into is actually your website, thanks to Hyblue's Software-As-A-Service infrastructure. With HyBlue you can build customer loyalty and begin bringing in a revenue stream that will continue month after month, year after year.

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