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IceLock protects encryption
keys against the Princeton
"Cold Boot" attack.
Protect Your Data Before Laptop Theft!
Many data protection services promise to delete data if your laptop is lost or stolen. Some even guarantee to get your laptop back. But they don’t tell you _ your data is at risk until your stolen laptop connects to the Internet.

IceLock’s easy to use data encryption protects data before your laptop is stolen. With IceLock in place, your data cannot be accessed, except by you.

IceLock automatically takes aggressive action to protect your data if a hacker tries to gain access.

Pick the best IceLock for you

IceLockEz is built for personal and small business use with less than 5 users. Quick and easy, IceLockEZ combines military strength encryption with total simplicity of use. Setup in under 10 minutes

IceLock Business Edition is built for any size business. IceLock’s automated key management combined with AES 256 bit encryption create a totally secure yet easy to implement solution. Setup 25 laptops in under a day.
Pick the Right IceLock for You

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