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One Click Encryption

IceLockEZ keeps your sensitive data secure and without you becoming a security expert!

Built with the same technology as IceLock Corporate Edition, IceLockEZ utilizes military grade encryption to protect your data, gives you protection against hackers and lost passwords and can even delete your data if your laptop is lost or stolen.


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EZ to Use

IceLockEZ is easy to use, protecting sensitive data like Quicken, Money, TurboTax Word or Excel.

IceLockEZ Data Vault

IceLockEZ automatically encrypts data wherever it is on your hard disk.

When you successfully login, your data is automatically available. When someone else logs in, or a hacker tries to login, they can’t see your data.

Hacker Protection

If a hacker tries to access your data, IceLockEZ automatically cripples its own encryption to protect your data. If you mistakenly trigger IceLockEZ’s protection, you can quickly recover from the HyBlue website.

With IceLockEZ, you’ll know your data is safe no matter where your laptop is.

EZ Passwords

Most encryption software requires complicated passwords to secure your data. IceLockEZ’s patent pending encryption keys combined with its aggressive hacker protection means you can use an easy to remember password and not compromise security.

Complete Control

You control IceLock’s protection and recovery from HyBlue’s website. Login and you can:

  • Reset user passwords
  • Recover from multiple login failures
  • Set password failure policy
  • Mark laptop as lost or stolen
  • Set lost laptop data destruction policy

IceLockEZ keeps your data safe and you in control. IceLockEZ also includes the award winning Eraser secure data deletion utility. Everything you need to keep your data secure!.

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